Dual Fuel Systems in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX

There are a number of different climate control systems on the market today, and multiple HVAC professionals you can choose to install and service yours. But when you’re looking for a trustworthy company who specializes in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX based air conditioning and heating services, you needn’t look any further than Miller Climate Control.

Our motto is “our customers are our neighbors”—we take pride in our strong ties to the communities we serve and our focus on customer satisfaction. This is why we want to help you find the best cooling and heating systems for your home. Among these options is the hybrid heat dual fuel system. Give us a call today to schedule service in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX. We'll have a professional to your door in no time!

How Does a Dual Fuel System Work?

Referred to as a dual fuel heat pump or hybrid heat pump, dual fuel systems combine the efficiency of a heat pump with the power of a gas–powered furnace. A heat pump on its own is an extremely effective and efficient way to provide cooling for a home. While in heating mode, however, it can begin to lose its efficiency as the outdoor temperature drops lower and lower.

A hybrid heat dual fuel system automatically selects when to switch on the back–up gas furnace in order to assist the electrical–powered heat pump when it begins to struggle. Hybrid heat pumps are intuitive, and register which fuel source to use for optimal energy savings without sacrificing your comfort.

Turn to Us for Your Dual Fuel System Installation or Integration

Dual fuel heat pump systems come in a number of models, sizes, and costs. You can choose to install a full hybrid heat dual fuel system, or if you already have a heat pump system that struggles during the winter, you may choose to integrate a gas furnace with it for an efficient dual fuel system.

In order to make the best choice for your new hybrid system, consult with our committed HVAC professionals and we will design the right heat pump and furnace combination that will meet your needs, including your budget. We aim to give you the most energy–efficient system that’s suited for your Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX household, and that will give you great cooling power during the summer and heating during the winter.

Schedule Dual Fuel System Services in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX

The technicians at Miller Climate Control are highly trained and experienced at installing many types of heating and cooling systems, and when you rely on us for your dual fuel system installation, you’ll be able to count on a system that will work without trouble for many years. This is of course contingent on how often you schedule professional maintenance for your system.

For a traditional heater or air conditioner, tune–ups should be done once a year. With a heat pump, which is used year–round, this service should be done twice a year. Ask us about our Diamond M Club maintenance membership today! And when you need repairs on your dual fuel heat pump, you can count on us for this too—we offer emergency services 24/7, with our Diamond M Club members getting priority. Contact us today to request an estimate on dual fuel systems or service in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX.

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