Duct Testing and Sealing in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX

In order for the HVAC systems in your Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX home to work as effectively as they should without energy waste, the ductwork associated with them must have an airtight seal along its length. If holes or gaps develop along your air ducts, you’ll notice a rise in costs for running your heater and air conditioner, a drop in comfort throughout the year, and poor indoor air quality.

But the only way to know if your air duct system needs sealing or repairs is by having them professionally tested. Testing ducts is as simple as contacting the team at Miller Climate Control—we test ductwork and perform duct sealing, repair, and replacement when needed as well. Contact us today to schedule duct testing or sealing in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX.

How to Test Ducts

We don’t expect our customers to know how to test ducts—this is something that involves high–end equipment and professional training to perform, a rather complex process. There are, however, a number of signs that you can watch for which indicate your ducts are creating trouble for the HVAC system due to damage, leaks, or insufficient construction. These signs include:

  • Increased HVAC Bills: The loss of air through breached ductwork can account for about a third of the air inside of your Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX ventilation system. That’s a lot of air that you’re paying for to heat and cool your home, that’s going nowhere—creating an increase in your bills as you try to run your heating or cooling system to reach your desired temperatures.
  • Must Smells from Vents: Leaky ductwork will draw in air from places such as your attic and between the walls, creating a detectable musty odor.
  • Decreased Air Flow: Check the air flow coming from your room vents. If it seems sluggish, it could be due to compromised ductwork integrity.

Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX Duct Testing Services

So, you’re at the point that you believe your ductwork is compromised and you want to schedule our professionals to come in and test them. But what exactly does this process involve? First, our team seals–off the ventilation system by closing off all the room vents and registers in your Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX home. Next, our highly trained technicians attach a special fan onto the ventilation system to create high air pressure within the ducts.

After this, a device measures the pressure levels inside your air ducts to see how much it drops, and how fast, which tells us if the ductwork has lost integrity and is rapidly losing air. Breached ductwork requires professional sealing or repairs to restore the vital air tightness to the HVAC system.

Why You Need Professional Duct Sealing

When it comes to sealing your ductwork, you may be wondering why you can’t just run to the hardware store and buy some duct tape. Unfortunately, this tape is not aptly named and, except for providing an extremely temporary solution, should not be used to patch up any area of your ductwork.

The job of closing up gaps and holes in your ductwork is something that requires a professional–grade sealant applied by trained and experienced professionals, such as the experts on our team. We use special techniques to detect where your air leaks are coming from, and then close them up with the proper tools and sealant. Whether you’d like to schedule duct testing or sealing services, we’re available to provide more information. Simply give us a call to request an estimate today!

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