Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX

At Miller Climate Control, when we talk about the quality of your indoor air, we aren’t just referring to the temperature of it. We’re also referring to things like indoor pollution, and humidity levels. For the average person to be comfortable, the relative humidity within their Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX home should be between 30-50%. Air that is too dry can cause a number of health problems, as can air with too much moisture in it.

We don’t recommend relying on store-bought portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers, either. While one of these may be fine for the purpose of a baby’s room, it’s not enough to solve your humidity issues. What you need instead is a whole-house system, and we’ll explain why below. Our customers are our neighbors—contact us today for fast, friendly service! Give us a call to schedule service in Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX.

The Importance of Balanced Humidity

If moisture levels in the air are too low, it allows for heat to escape faster from the human body, making a person feel cooler than the actual temperature around them. If this occurred only in the summer, we’d all be cheering—but alas, low humidity in the winter can cause a host of problems. These problems include cracked and dry skin, chapped lips, and eye and nose irritation—this allows for illness to spread easily, too.

But too much moisture doesn’t offer reprieve either. When excess humidity is coupled with warmer temperatures, the human body can’t evaporate sweat, which means you’ll feel hotter than normal. A whole house dehumidifier in Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX will solve this problem—as well as any property damage that can occur in your home from too much moisture, such as wood warping and mold growth.

How You Will Benefit from a Humidifier and Dehumidifier Installation

Many of the problems mentioned above can be resolved with the installation of both a whole house humidifier and a whole house dehumidifier. Here are some of the benefits from investing in these systems.

  • Energy Savings: When the weather is warmer and humidity rises, you’ll be putting an increased demand on your air conditioning system, which will not be able to meet your desired temperatures as it will struggle with the excess moisture in the air. The same principle is true for low humidity and your heater in the wintertime. These systems help your heating and cooling units work more efficiently, which equates to energy and cost savings for you.
  • Improved Health: Whether the air in your home is too dry during the winter, or has too much humidity during the summer, a lot more than just your comfort is at stake. Either of these can actually make you ill, or make it easier for illness to spread.
  • Property Protection: Your Williamson County, TX home is likely one of your largest investments. Protect your wood floors and furnishings from the effects of too little or too much moisture by investing in the best dehumidifier and humidifier we have to offer.

When you call on our team for humidifier or dehumidifier installation, or to repair or replace your existing system, you can rest assured that you'll be matched with a unit that will do the best job possible. It's essential that you only trust professionals for this work, as you don't want to be stuck with a humidity device that will make your home uncomfortable.

But should you ever run into an issue with either of these systems, or they stop working, you can rely on us for quality humidifier repairs and dehumidifier repairs. We'll help with routine maintenance as well, through our Diamond M Club maintenance membership-contact us today to request an estimate or to learn more!

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