Thermostat Services in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX

Your home can have the most efficient air conditioning and heating systems on the market professionally installed, and your ductwork and insulation can be in great shape—but you could still be getting poor HVAC performance, resulting in energy waste and higher monthly bills for you. The reason for this? A thermostat that isn’t doing its job.

If you’re seeking service for your thermostat, such as upgrading an ancient slider model with the latest in “smart” technology or replacing a broken thermostat, you only need to contact Miller Climate Control. We can handle your thermostat installation or replacement needs, and manage any other HVAC needs you may have as well. Give us a call today to schedule thermostat services in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX. Our professional technicians are on call, ready to help!

Why Is Your Thermostat So Important?

Your thermostat in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX may be the smallest HVAC–related device you have in your home, but that doesn’t mean its job isn’t important. One thing you should never underestimate is your thermostat’s importance in how your home is cooled and heated, and how efficient both of these processes are. A thermostat that’s off by even a few degrees will begin wasting power and make your HVAC systems work inefficiently.

A broken thermostat can be quite a problem, as it can prevent your heating or cooling system from turning on and off. Additionally, if your thermostat was installed in the wrong place within your home to begin with, where it is exposed to direct sunlight or drafts, then it will misread temperatures and make it hard for you to remain comfortable. And with the summer temperatures we get in our area, a reliable thermostat controlling your AC system is essential.

Your Thermostat Replacement Options

Sometimes, the best way to improve your home’s heating and air conditioning efficiency is by upgrading to a new thermostat. If you’re still using an old manual slider thermostat, then you’re missing out on some great benefits. Consider upgrading to one of the following.

  • Digital Thermostat: Even the most basic digital thermostat with no programmable features is a better option than a manual model. This is because its accuracy is far more precise. If you decide to go for the digital thermostat installation with programmable features, you’ll have even better control over comfort and energy use in your home.
  • Wireless Thermostat: More and more technology is going wireless these days, so why not upgrade your thermostat to stay up with the trend? Wireless models give you more freedom as you can place them pretty much anywhere in your home. Plus, most come with remote controls and Wi–Fi access.
  • Smart Thermostat: Smart thermostats have become increasingly popular. These devices learn from your history of settings, and use the data to develop a program that maximizes your energy use without sacrificing any of your comfort.

At Miller Climate Control, our customers are our neighbors, and that means that we want to ensure you are satisfied with our services. So whether you are looking to install a brand new thermostat in Georgetown, Cedar Park, & Round Rock, TX, replace a failing device, or simply want to learn more about your upgrade options, you can call on our staff.

We’re also happy to share with you more details about your thermostat model, and how its settings can impact your energy efficiency and costs. We look forward to helping you achieve top comfort in your home! Give us a call to request an estimate on a new thermostat for your Georgetown, Cedar Park, or Round Rock, TX home.

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